Lounge podcast | Of Copenstock, consumer psyche and 3-D in its new Avatar

Lounge podcast | Of Copenstock, consumer psyche and 3-D in its new Avatar

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Lounge podcast. This is your host Anindita Ghose and we have loads to share with you today including a call from Copenhagen.

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To start with we’re going to have Samar Halarnkar from the Hindustan Times who’s been reporting daily from the Copenhagen summit. Samar has been fighting a bad storm all morning but he speaks to us about the mood and the milieu of what he calls the Woodstock of our times. We’re going to have Samar tell us about vegan sandwich-wielding Japanese activists and serpentine queues.

We’re also going to chat with Lounger Veena Venugopal on her cover story for this issue of Lounge—shopaholic’s secrets. In this very well-researched article, Veena attempts to decode the mind of the Indian consumer. In other words, why we shop the way we do.

As always we’ll have book critic Chandrahas Choudhury. This week he’s doing something different by picking an anthology of translated poems by Kabir. The book, published by Kolkata-based publisher Seagull, is called Singing Emptiness.

And finally, a much-awaited movie, Avatar. Sanjukta Sharma has just seen the movie most of us are raring to set our eyes on. She tells you why this film with its blue-toned protagonists is a must-watch…but only if you have your 3-D glasses on.

That’s all from us today at the Lounge podcast. We’ll be back next week.

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