It’s been nearly a decade since Fire N Ice shut down in Mumbai but lately conversations at home, with college friends and even strangers who frequented the nightclub inside the Phoenix Mills Compound, have all been about the iconic venue’s reunion party on Wednesday night.

Anyone who attended junior college or college during the club’s 1999-2005 life-cycle can recount tales of long queues, drinking in the parking lot, college socials, hip hop and Chandni Bar nights, live sets by deejays Paul Van Dyk and Skazi, and friendships built over one too many shots at Fire N Ice. To celebrate 15 years of its launch, the club’s founding members are throwing a one-night-only party at the 30,000 sq. ft venue, Tote on the Turf, at Mahalaxmi Race Course.

Fire N Ice co-founder Ketan Kadam, who now owns the Maroosh chain of restaurants, says his phone has been ringing continuously since the event was announced, with many regulars just calling to reminisce. “It means so much to us that people have called to say that they plan to attend the reunion with their original cliques and crews," says Kadam. Photographs of old food and beverages (F&B) coupons, shot glasses and even autographed tissue paper have been making their way to the club’s official Facebook page ever since Vishal Shetty, the other co-founder, created the “Fire N Ice Gathering" event page earlier this month.

The reunion party will be spread across the entire banquet and bar area at Tote on the Turf and former resident and visiting deejays of Fire N Ice will be spinning nostalgia-inducing sets. Shetty says that “just like the old days, down tempo hip hop will set the mood", with DJ Sa kicking off the party in the banquet room. Shetty adds that he is most excited about dancing to retro songs like King of My Castle and Welcome to the Jungle.

An interior of Fire N Ice
An interior of Fire N Ice

Kadam says some of the club’s former staff members, including a few bouncers and bartenders, will be present at the reunion. Though 30 April isn’t the official Fire N Ice anniversary, Kadam and Shetty say the reunion party was scheduled for Wednesday since 1 May is a holiday for many and they expect a lot of people to skip town during the long weekend. Shetty says the event is not just for the “30- to 35-year-olds who have few options to party in the city these days", but also for the generations who never got a chance to visit the venue and only acknowledge it as an urban legend.

Kadam and Shetty admit to discussing the club’s relaunch every now and then, but Kadam says that unless they find a property as big and iconic as the old Fire N Ice, it’s unlikely the brand will be resurrected any time soon. “I still remember the first sound check at Fire N Ice, we were one of the few occupants at the Phoenix Mills Compoud and we all had goosebumps," says Kadam. “No property we’ve seen ever since has matched that standard or sound. But this reunion isn’t a relaunch, this isn’t a commercial venture for us, it is just a one-night-only chance for all the old-timers to get together."

The Fire N Ice Gathering will take place on 30 April, 10.30pm onwards, at Tote on the Turf, Mahalaxmi Race Course, just before The Mini Club House, opposite Gate Nos. 4 and 5, Keshavrao Khadye Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Entry is priced at 500 before 11pm and 1,000 after 11pm. To book a table, call 022-61577777. For details, visit the Facebook event page .