How to Lounge this weekend

From Dior's new Spring 2019 collection helmed by creative director Kim Jones to a new beer in India, everything that has our attention this weekend

On display

Turkish designer and artist Gönül Paksoy will bring her textiles and rag dolls to India this month in a show titled Timeless Simplicity: From Collection To Creation at ARTISANS gallery, Mumbai. Inspired by Ottoman textile and beading traditions and Sufi whirling dervishes, Paksoy imbues her clothing with an artistic sensibility. “At its core, Gönül Paksoy’s design sensibility has a soul. Nothing is superficial," says Radhi Parekh, founder of ARTISANS. “She is that rare contemporary designer who references ancient design materials, techniques and artefacts, and translates them into timeless objects." —SD

Timeless Simplicity: From Collection To Creation will be on from 17-23 January

Say cheers

Wheat beers are a rage in India. In the last five-six years, ever since the launch of Bira91 White, brands such as Simba, White Rhino and Six Fields have joined the bandwagon. The latest in the list is Proost69 White Ale by Grano69 Beverages, which launched in India in September. Last month it launched the Proost69 Mild Lager.—PKS

Proost69 is available at select Delhi restaurants; 170 for the White Ale; 150 for the lager

Just arrived

Fans of Dior menswear, make space in your closets. The French luxury label has launched the Summer 2019 collection. The first collection spearheaded by creative director Kim Jones combines masculine and feminine tailoring details—soft fabrics, easy shapes, slashed cowl-back shirts and floral patterns. Jones has also reinvented the brand’s accessories—the B23 sneakers with the brand logo and the cult saddle bag with a jacquard strap and an industrial-style buckle which has been created by Matthew Williams of the label 1017 ALYX 9SM.—SD

Dior menswear Summer 2019 is now available at Dior flagship stores in India. Prices on request.

Page turner

Natasha Mehra Must Die (by Anand Sivakumaran, Fingerprint, 299)

From a girl of 7 to an unpopular teenager, anyone with the name Natasha Mehra, living in far corners of the world, is being hounded and killed by a secret organization. This is the premise of Anand Sivakumaran’s new novel. Spanning two millennia, the plot might stretch the limits of credulity, but the mystery at the heart of this thriller will make you want to get to the end of it.—SG