The weekend at the movies

The weekend at the movies

If you love your cinema and would like to welcome the new year with some great movies, here are our picks for you.


Bhoot and Friends

This one seems to be a Bollywood product packaged strictly for children. This Jackie Shroff-starrer tells the tale of a young boy who accidentally becomes involved in a treasure hunt. And since there is a treasure, there must be a monstrous villain lurking at every step of the child’s adventure. Help arrives in the form of a ghost (Shroff) who can exercise his magical powers at will.



I’m Not There (

4.45pm, Lumiere

Six actors enact the different stages of Bob Dylan’s life in this Todd Haynes film. Featuring acclaimed performances by the likes of Cate Blanchett and Heath Ledger, the movie explores the varied facets of Dylan’s unique personality and his artistic and personal development against the background of a changing America.

Kandahar (

7pm, World Movies

Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the Iranian master auteur, directs this tale of a woman’s (Nafas’) journey across the seven seas to rescue her suicidal sister in Afghanistan. Through the course of the film, Nafas is faced with the harsh realities of her war-hit homeland and the hardships women go through under the Taliban.

School of Rock (

11pm, WB

Jack Black slips into the role of Dewey Finn, a wannabe rock god who hoodwinks his way into becoming a substitute teacher at a school to make ends meet. In an unexpected turn of events, he goes on to inspire his class to follow their heart. The students form a an amateur rock band that soon finds itself rubbing shoulders with the best in town.


Kill Bill: Vol 2 (

1.15pm, Sony Pix

“The Bride" returns in the second instalment of Quentin Tarantino’s revenge thriller. Hell bent on hunting down the elusive Bill and taking revenge, she continues with her murder spree—leaving many bodies in her trail.

District 9 (

10.45pm, UTV Action

Reversing the stereotypical extraterrestrial film narrative, this Oscar-nominated movie sees a race of aliens, confined in a ghetto, discovering a kindred spirit in the form of a government agent who comes to their rescue.

The International (

11pm, HBO

Clive Owen stars as an Interpol agent who is out to expose the corrupt activities of a powerful bank while hopping from continent to continent in search of the truth.


5D films, Friday

Consider it an introduction to the immense possibilities that technology is trying to tap in the modern age. Five dimensional, or 5D, effects are achieved by adding motion simulation to the 4D special effects available at certain theatres. And it is certainly a more rewarding visual experience. Here are two 5D films to watch:

Haunted Mine (Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 9pm)

The Lost World (11am)

At 5D Bonzai, Rajouri Garden, West Gate Mall