For listeners of movie scores or TV show soundtracks, YouTube is the go-to place for free streaming. But the video-streaming site can be inconvenient while listening to music on the go. We can’t minimise the app while doing other things on your smartphone or lock the screen. A distant option is Soundcloud, but it doesn’t have the range YouTube has to offer. But, turns out that the music streaming sites closer home—Gaana, Saavn or Hungama— feature music from pretty much every foreign movie and TV show that have a decent viewership in India.

New shows like Narcos, Stranger Things, Better Call Saul to mini-series such as Fargo, The Night Manager—everything is available for free, high-quality streaming.

The curation of movie scores is somewhat patchy but still good enough. It doesn’t have some earlier movies of Coen Brothers and Wes Anderson, directors famous for their use of music, although, there are a number of catalogues dedicated to Quentin Tarantino. But there are pleasant surprises like the less popular, indie film soundtracks of Jim Jarmusch and Noah Baumbach or old noir classics such as The Third Man or The Night of the Hunter —the latter includes director Charles Laughton’s extraordinary reading of the film that was released in a rare album.

There are some of the best of world cinema such as Amores Perros and Oldboy.

Ria Mukherjee, the head of editorial, informs that music of international movies and TV shows have always been on their site. But a lot of people don’t know about them because it is not natural to expect these soundtracks from sites that promote themselves as Bollywood-heavy platforms.

I spotted Saavn display the Netflix hit Narcos on the ‘New Releases’ section of its homepage recently when its second season was on. The suggestions boxes can be smarter—I was suggested Gangnam Style while listening to the catalogue titled The Great Western Movie Themes. But, at last, we can stop worrying about unwieldy YouTube listenings on our smartphones.