Mash-up sites: Brave new worlds

Mash-up sites: Brave new worlds

World news TV

Hungry for TV news kya? Don’t let the absence of a TV in the vicinity of your workspace—or boorish boss—ever dissuade you from watching the idiot box even at office now. This world news streaming TV+Google Maps mash-up allows you to watch live world news from channels like CNN, BBC, Sky News, ABC News Now, CCTV-9 China, France 24 and Russia Today… Best of all, you can go desi with CNN IBN India and CNBC TV18. All you need is the Internet and Windows Media Player.

Video broadcast

A global news information network, it aims to become “the CNN of the Internet". It uses Web technology to deliver free, all-video broadcast news clips (as many as 70-90 over 1.5 hours). In addition, a breaking news text ticker brings you headline events even as they are reported. You can customize the site to a degree, search for specific videos, squirrel away a selection of favourites, or even upload your own here.

Television network

If you dote on American TV fodder, TV3O is the place to feed. From 765 full (recorded) TV programmes, shows, photos, episode guides, cast, reviews, community, merchandise, etc., off US networks like ABC, AOL TV, BBC America, CBS, Comedy Central, Court TV, Discovery Channel, E!, FOX, HBO, MTV, National Geographic, NBC, PBS, Sci-Fi, TBS, TNT, VH1...whew, okay let’s just say et cetera

Audio tracks

A plus YouTube Web mash symphony that will be euphony to many ears. Don’t bother with the mysterious looking Japanese hieroglyphics on top. Arcane Pillage searches out audio tracks from the former’s cache of melodies and digs out music videos off the latter to help you rig up a little MTV right on your desktop. One that only plays personal requests. All in plain, simple English. Ah so!

Real estate

Think Boman Irani as Kishen Khurana in Khosla ka Ghosla. Think Messrs Aggarwal/Bhatia/Gupta/Santa Singh, i.e. your friendly (future?) neighbourhood real estate agents. Then zoom down to this John L. Scott Real Estate website for a cyber peek at how the realty business is actually being conducted in some regions of the globe. And rethink… This amalgam of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth services coupled with text info, photos and various selectable search criteria gives potential clients, hunting for property in the north-western US, the use of 3D aerial views and interactive maps to home-in on a home. What say, sir ji?

NYC tour

Been to the Big Apple lately? Seen what Ground Zero looks like with the Twin Towers missing post 9/11? Oh, your Learjet’s out of commission. Never mind… You can leg it around Wall Street, the Financial District, Times Square, the Nasdaq...and the works. Lots of fancy footwork in this virtual tour of New York City lets you navigate the streets of NY at ground level while viewing thousands of pictures, visiting hundreds of storefronts and reading up on the city’s legacy.

Global incident map

In the ops room of every anti-crime agency in the world, from Mr Batman’s Batcave to the US government’s Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) in the TV series24 to Chandumajra Police Chowki in Punjab, you’ll find a map pinpointing acts of villainy. This ‘global display of terrorism and other suspicious events’ gives you an overview of all the evil that men do. The world map visualization links you to updated bulletins of recent terrorism and security incident news—from an ambush in Agartala to a bombing in Baghdad to a hijacking in the Honduras…

And for constant update of the untoward incident scene in the US alone, go to

Airport database

MintOne calling… If the very mention of “flying" gives you a high, take the first flight aboard your mouse to this mash-up address. A landing here assures you excellent bird’s eye views of more than 11,000 airports, airfields and airstrips around the globe. With no guidance whatsoever from the control tower—and no worries about burning up even a whiff of aviation octane—you can hover over everything from Changi to Cancun International or Puraburoo to Patiala for as long as you want. Over and out.

University podcasts

For those with an affinity for academia, this map of the world allows you to link to free online courseware, podcasts, webcasts and recordings of university lectures in an unusual way by locating the institutions offering them in physical space. The enrolled scholarly establishments happen to range from Berkeley, Duke, Carnegie Mellon to Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, Purdue, Tufts…and many more… Yes, both video and audio content are available. You can also add your own “waypoints" (links on the map) to additional institutional initiatives if you wish.

Global disease alert

From chikungunya to cholera, cryptosporidium to conjunctivitis, chagas to chicken pox, it pinpoints at a glance all the reported incidents of disease in the world in the last 30 days.

Managed by the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology, the site tells you where more than 50 incidents of a disease have been reported, who is reporting and how “hot" the outbreak is based on the number of reports. You can drill down by content and city, or by disease, and read what has been reported.

It is based on medical feeds from the several agencies, including the World Health Organization, ProMED-mail, EuroSurveillance, and Google News, etc.

Search engine

Going from text search to image search to video search sequentially can be a tedious and time-consuming process for all of us.

Cloudme is a single search engine that you can fire up to search for text (via Yahoo Web Search), images (via Flickr Photos), as well as videos (via YouTube) related to your query all in a single shot. The results are presented in a combined format on a single screen.

Virtual potpourri

A potpourri of uncomplicated and interesting map-and-photo mash-ups. Need to get an overview of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code locations across Paris, London, Scotland, Italy and New York? Beam in here, m’seur.

Else the top ‘Test cricket ground’ locations across the world may hook you. Or you could floor your mouse pedals for ‘Formula 1 race circuits’. If that doesn’t do your systolic and diastolic any good, skim across to various ‘Must See World Attractions’ or surreptitiously peep over the edge of supervolcano craters (okay, this last one’s a tad disappointing though, and you’ll see why).

More listings

A creation of Virender Ajmani, Mibazaar is a motherlode for well-mapped mash-up listings of a mélange of materials—from the frivolous to the functional. Indian Idol fans can tune into for Indian Idol contestant videos and info. SaReGaMaPa buffs? Click into Masterblaster worshipers, follow in the wake of Sachin Tendulkar’s record-breaking Test centuries across the globe ( From the seven new wonders of the world, to top 25 crimes of the Century, to the most expensive USA colleges, to top business/engineering/medical schools, it’s all here. There are loads of America-centric news mash-ups (Most Expensive Colleges, Drunkest Cities, Deadliest Driving States, Sweatiest Cities), entertainment mash-ups (Powerful and Best Paid Celebrities, Hollywood Best Actors/Actresses, Female Celebrities, One Hit Wonders). Look out for Bollywood shining and even The Once woebegone Indian cricket team for the last World Cup.


Creating mash-ups is not for garrulous geeks and spaghetti-code spinners alone. You can cook one up too quite easily without either getting your fingers burnt or your hair singed. These websites show you how: