To attend a concert on a Saturday afternoon on Holi weekend during the city’s bizarre mid-March heatwave on Malabar Hill, where there are more trees than people anyway, comes perilously close to suffering for someone else’s art.

Musical night: Rang plays at Kamala Nehru Park. Shekhar Sidhaye/Mint

Under the spreading boughs of a cannonball tree in the amphitheatre at the park’s westernmost end, we listen to the three-man band Dischordian. Their alt-rock draws only a small complement of the sort of fans you might find at, say, their Blue Frog gigs. Pensioners on their evening walk sit down; sneaker-shod joggers and child hawkers peek in curiously. A few people look like they’ve stopped off before the evening’s parties; at least two could only have trooped in from a day at the bank.

I turn and ask the elderly couple across from me if they’re enjoying the show. “Very much," smiles Katie Panthaki. “We read about it in the papers, so we came by to see what was going on." The Panthakis do not wave their arms in the air when the bands ask us to. I see them applauding sedately at the end of each song.

“How are you all doing tonight?" Ronit Bhattacharya, lead singer of Hindi-rock group Rang, asks. We are too few and too diverse to chorus back in one voice. There aren’t many more people here than you would find squeezed into a BEST bus during peak hours. Project manager Stuart DaCosta tells me that last year’s finale packed more than 2,000 people in this space.

Mumbai’s film industry invented cities where heroes sing in public. Listening to Rang funk up A.R. Rahman songs under fairy lights and an enormous moon, there is a glimpse of a world where music does not need the occasion of a festival or procession or, indeed, a Bollywood shoot. We just happen to be here on a summer evening, the leaves of the cannonball tree falling into our hair and laps, listening to the music.

We are doing quite well tonight.

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