Dressing up a wall often leaves most of us stumped. While art and photographs are common features, there are many other things you could use—framed movie posters, stamps, tribal masks, clocks, lamps and bone china. For collectors especially, a wall can be a showcase. Pick one object you like, find its variations to display on that oh-so-boring wall and make it the focal point of your house. A friend’s father, a sailor, has decorated a wall with anchors, a steering wheel and other ship-related objects.

We asked three stores that specialize in interiors and design-related objects to style a wall each.

Goodearth, Select Citywalk mall, Saket, New Delh

Pradeep Gaur/Mint

• While picking the plates, go with the mood of the space. For instance, in a room with colonial furniture and bright furnishings, try Goodearth’s Mughal-inspired Baradari collection.

• If your wall is painted in solid colour, your plates can have lots of motifs. But if it has a wallpaper with intricate design, keep the plates simple.

• Use different sizes of plates. It will make a better visual.

• When hanging plates, use spring-loaded hooks that grip the entire circumference of the plate.

• The height at which you start your collage is important. You don’t want people brushing against your mini collection and breaking it. Porcelain is fragile. Handle with care.

• Different spaces in a home can support a porcelain collage—a large wall in a kitchen with lots of natural light or an area in the verandah that doubles up as a bar with mood lighting.

• Prices for quarter plates range from 700-1,250; dinner plates and platters go up toRs 4,500.

apartment9, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi

Javed Shah/Mint

• With mirrors, you must be careful with the lighting. They are reflective surfaces and light should fall in such a way that it brings out the best in them.

• Oversized furniture and large spaces call for large pieces of wall art. Strike a balance. Putting multiple mirrors could lend the visual weight that is required.

• The main feature wall in your home is a good place to put up these mirrors.

• A metallic mirror could go well on a dark teal or burgundy wall and create a contrast. In case of a nude sand wall, mirrors would blend in with the background. They are versatile pieces.

Prices range from 1,000-23,000.

Play Clan, Meher Chand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Divya Babu/Mint

• A large art installation needs breathing space around it. Devote a full wall for impact.

• Use a complementing colour story as the base colour of the wall. It works like a large canvas. The Osho installation is done in muted colours so the pale green wall goes well with it.

• Directional lights enhance the drama and bring out dimension. It should take away the flatness from it.

• Accentuate the installation with things such as sheesham wood furniture and a tabla. Try to mix and match, it will make the whole space a part of the feature.

Prices of Osho installations start at 1 lakh.