Sniff, swirl, sip: Reva Singh at her New Delhi residence.

My suggestion here is to consider the varietal, the type of grape or style of wine, whether it’s red, white or sparkling. And then, as you develop an informed palate, start considering the producers. Which Sauvignon Blanc do you prefer as a white wine, for example, or which Merlot among the reds? Is it from Sula, our biggest producer of wine? Or a lesser known winery?

The key is to establish your

There’s one important proviso, especially in the Indian context, and that is the wine’s provenance: Where and how has it been stored and where was it bought? An entry-level wine can be perfect in its category. There should be no snobbery about it, provided the wine hasn’t been spoilt. Some expensive wines may withstand heat and other damage better, but not all the time. So pick your wine judiciously.

I routinely deflect the frequently asked question “Which is your favourite wine?" with a neutral answer: “The wine that’s in my glass right now!" I find it hard to pin down favourites, but here are a few suggestions for good examples on the road less travelled.