Cooking with Lounge | Sugar rush

Cooking with Lounge | Sugar rush

Ney Payasam (Ghee Payasam)


50g Brown rice

100g Jaggery, pounded

1tsp coconut (shelled and chopped)

1tbsp shakkar (brown sugar)

3-4 pods green cardamom

10-12 fried raisins

2tbsp ghee

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Clean, wash and cook rice in an open pan. Once the rice is 1/3 rd done, add around 300ml water and cook till the mixture becomes thick. Add half the ghee and cook on a medium flame, stirring continuously till rice becomes a thick mass. Put in the jaggery and cook on high flame. To the rice add the shakkar, and break open the cardamom pods into the pan.

Take a fresh pan, heat some and fry the coconut along with the raisins. Strain once golden brown.

Add these to the rice, mix together and serve.