Create your own movie library with DVDflick

Create your own movie library with DVDflick

Want to know how you can watch your favourite videos on your DVD player? It’s obvious not everyone owns an HTPC (home theatre personal computer) or a DivX DVD player. The solution is pretty simple. A free program called DVDFlick is all you need. Click here Click here to download it for free. Here’s how you can do it:

Creating a DVD project

After you install, start it and create a new project by clicking the button for it on the toolbar at the top. Making a movie doesn’t take too long, but you do require an ample amount of disk space. Make sure you have around 12-15GB of free space. If you don’t have enough space on your Windows partition, change the project destination folder to a drive that has more space. Use the Browse button at the bottom of the window to do so.

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Click on the Project settings button. Enter a name for the project, select target size as the size of the kind of disk you will be burning the movie on—a CD or a DVD.

Adding a video

The next step is to add a video to the compilation. DVDFlick lets you add many videos to your DVD compilation. Hold down the Ctrl key, click on videos and then click Open. DVDFlick supports a wide range of formats and codecs, so you don’t have to depend on other video-encoding programs to convert your video format to an uncompressed video format and then to DVD. You can change the order of the clips or videos by clicking any of them, or using the Move Up or Move Down buttons on the right.

Setting up audio-video preferences

A high-quality movie might just fit right on a DVD. DVDFlick will automatically alter the video quality if you put too many videos on a DVD, or it will show as a red bar on the left of the DVDFlick window. You can change the quality of the DVD by clicking on the Video tab under Project settings. Change the target bit rate. Similarly, you can also change the audio settings. If you have a stereo audio set-up, you can force stereo audio for the movie you are burning to the DVD. Bitrate settings for audio are also available.

Adding subtitles and chapters

You can add subtitles to your movie by selecting the video title from the list you’ve added and click on the Edit title. Click on the subtitle tracks panel and click Add. Just like video formats, DVDFlick also supports many subtitle formats. Select the one for your clip and click Open. Chapters can be added after a set interval, so you don’t have to fast-forward from the beginning to a particular position. Click on the Chapters subsection and click on the Create checkbox. Set the number of chapters you want, or set a time interval using the first option to Create chapters whenever you want. Click Accept when done.

Finalizing the DVD

Before burning the disk, you need to make the DVD interface attractive with a menu and a listing of chapters. Click on the Menu settings button and select a theme from the list. DVDFlick also acts as a disk-burning application. Click on the Project settings one final time and click on Burning. You can use DVDFlick to write an ISO file, which can then be burnt on a disk using different applications. If you want to burn the disk, check Burn project to disk. Enter a name for the disk, select the drive you are burning on and set a speed. Burning at 8X is recommended. Click Accept and then click on Create DVD to burn the disk. The process may take some time depending on the quality and size of the videos.

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