Nature lover

Nature lover

Paco Rabane: Black XS is almost a cult name in the perfume world, and its most current successor, Black XS Live Sound for men and women aim to recreate the success of the original. The rock and roll-inspired bottles contain a fragrance enriched with sage, praline and cardamom for men and tamarind flowers, black violet and black vanilla for women. What’s more, a free gift comes twined around the bottle’s neck—a charm bracelet or a leather wristband. At select department stores and beauty counters, For Him Rs3,250 for 100ml and For Her Rs3,700 for 80ml.

MAC: Naked Honey, a new limited edition collection is in stores now. Honey has been a beauty aid for centuries, and MAC injects the sweet secretion into two fragrances called Naked Honey and Africanimal. There’s also a body cream, a body wash and a salve. At all MAC stores, prices start at Rs850.

Iraya’s Citrus Punch soap

Iraya: From five-star spas to your dresser—Iraya’s range of ayurvedic skin and haircare is full of ingredients such as lotus seed, apricot, almond, shikakai and lemongrass. Soaps, balms, anti-wrinkle creams, face wash, hand and body lotions shampoos and conditioners are all part of the range. At or available at Quan Spa, JW Marriott, Mumbai and the health and fitness Centre, Shangri-La, New Delhi. Prices range from Rs95 to Rs300.

The Body Shop: Community Trade ingredients such as sesame oil, marula oil and organic beeswax go into The Body Shop’s Colourglide lipsticks. You’ll be happy to know that your beauty budget is directly helping marginalized communities from where these ingredients have been sourced. Twenty shades of the long-lasting moisturizing lipstick have recently been launched in India. At The Body Shop stores, Rs575.

Lotus: Their new face wash contains an ingredient your grandmother valued for its purifying properties—neem. Neemwash, contains slices and the extract of neem leaves, as well as clove extract. The leaves act as an anti-septic and helps to fight skin disorders such as acne, blemishes and eczema. At major department stores, Rs110.