The weekend at the movies

The weekend at the movies

With the cricket World Cup on, the Hindi film industry seems to be playing it safe—there are virtually no big releases lined up. You can watch Tanu Weds Manu and Coen Brothers’ latest True Grit on the big screen and look forward to the Japanese film festival this Saturday.


True Grit (

Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin star in Coen Brothers’ take on the eponymous Charles Portis novel. A teenage girl decides to avenge the death of her father with help from a US marshal. They are joined by a Texan ranger in their search for the man who killed her father. The unlikely trio find danger and surprises on the journey, and each has his or her “grit" tested.

Tanu Weds Manu (

A drama of opposites, this recent addition to the growing number of wedding-centred Hindi films has a shy non-resident Indian (NRI) and a small-town girl always teetering on the edge of rebellion.



The Good Earth (

6.50pm, TCM

Sidney Franklin’s adaptation of Pearl S. Buck’s famous novel about life in China features Paul Muni in the role of Wang Lung. Franklin’s camera follows Lung and his wife O-Lan as they attempt to forge a normal life for themselves.

Hannah and Her Sisters (

8.45pm, MGM

Woody Allen crams the frames with his distinctive cast of characters almost always bordering on neurotic breakdowns while turning the camera on the highly unpredictable world of human relationships.

Mrs Miniver (

4.45pm, TCM

William Wyler’s portrait of an English family caught in the torrent of World War II wowed the Academy and won six Oscars, including one for Greer Garson, who played Mrs Miniver.


Kaala Patthar (

8pm, India Talkies

The story of a man looking for redemption, this Yash Chopra film saw Amitabh Bachchan give one of his most acclaimed performances as a coal miner wrestling with his past in order to move on in life.

Gone with the Wind (

3pm, TCM

The epic tale of love between two characters perennially at odds with each other amid the turmoil of the American Civil War, this mega production set the standard for mega productions to follow.

Tigrero (

3pm, Lumiere

Samuel Fuller went to Brazil in 1954 to shoot rough footage for a film. That film was never made. Forty years later, Fuller returns to Brazil along with film-maker Jim Jarmusch. The film by Mika Kaurismaki blurs the line between documentary and fiction.



The Twilight Samurai (

4pm, The Japan Foundation

Director Yoji Yamada’s exploration of a low-ranking samurai’s faithfulness to the code of honour—and a love interest that threatens to tempt him into breaking that code.

Linda Linda Linda (

6pm, The Japan Foundation

A comedy that leads us into the lives of a band of girls who are frantically trying to learn a song for their upcoming high school festival. Finding themselves short of a vocalist, they rope in a Korean exchange student. Comedy ensues.

Pulse (

8pm, The Japan Foundation

This horror film revolves around a group of university students who probe a spate of mysterious deaths, all linked to a webcam and a website.