Lounge podcast | On being Khan and celebrating a special birthday

Lounge podcast | On being Khan and celebrating a special birthday

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the Lounge podcast. This is your host Anindita Ghose and we come to you today with disappointments and celebrations. Who would have known that this My Name is Khan controversy could blow so out of proportion? Our film critic Sanjukta Sharma tells us about the milieu in Mumbai as she reviews this film for us.

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Next we have our guest of the day, Shuddhabrata Sengupta who is the co-founder of the independent arts and media institution Sarai. Ten years ago, Sengupta and his colleagues from the Raqs Media Collective—Jeebesh Bagchi and Monica Narula—founded Sarai alongwith Ravi Vasudevan and Ravi Sundaram from the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, in whose campus Sarai’s office is based. Over the years, Sarai has supported several new wave ventures such as Sarnath Banerjee’s graphic novel Corridor and Mahmood Farooqui’s revival of the forgotten Urdu storytelling tradition, Dastangoi. Sengupta will reflect on the organization’s decade-long existence and its plans for the future.

Finally we have Lounger Krish Raghav joining in to discuss this week’s cover of Lounge. Our cover feature profiles of national champions of sports other than cricket and football—Darts, carom, ten-pin bowling, name the wildest sport you can imagine.

That’s all from us today. Do tune in next week.

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