Khasi/Jaintia Cuisine | It’s all about the flavours

Khasi/Jaintia Cuisine | It’s all about the flavours

The best local food usually isn’t served in posh, fancy restaurants; instead, Meghalaya is dotted with small jadoh stalls where locals drop in for sha (tea), jingbam (snacks) and full meals at all hours of the day.

Beef up: Bih’s doh shiang cutlets. Wanphrang Diengdoh/Mint

During weddings and festivals, the food is usually the same, with a few additions like ja snam (brown rice cooked with chicken’s blood) and dai iong (lentils made with black sesame paste). The people are also fond of fish fried to a crisp in mustard oil, local wild mushroom, banana flower (usually made into a chutney), muli khleh (grated radish with white sesame paste), and smoked pork cooked with sweet red pumpkin.

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Doh Shiang




1/2 kg minced beef

A 3-inch piece of ginger

1 tsp ground red chilli

2-3 cloves (optional)

4 tbsp mustard oil


Boil the minced beef with water (just above the level of the meat), until almost completely dry. Let it cool. Heat the oil. Grind ginger to a paste and mix well with the meat. Add ground chilli, cloves and salt. Roll the mixture into balls the size of golf balls. Deep-fry until dark golden brown.

Recipe courtesy Kong Bih.

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