He’s someone you would encourage your child to watch on TV. Harun Robert, aka Rob, hosts an interactive show ‘Music Art and Dance’ on POGO. In its seventh season, the show deals with craft, music and dance. He tells Lounge how he manages to make art and craft look so simple. Edited excerpts:

How do you think the show has turned out in its new season?

Harun Robert, in all his M.A.D.ness.

What inspires you?

Everything around me. I love to sketch and am always curious and carry my sketchbook everywhere. I travel a lot where I sit with local artists and figure out some of the work they design. I then break down the techniques used to figure out new art work.

What happens when you run out of ideas?

Ha! Luckily that hasn’t happened yet. It’s a simple art show with a new theme every time. I keep coming up with new ideas because we have a great team. I usually go to my workshop and brainstorm with my team. And since I am trained in animation, it makes it simpler.

Do you know if children actually try copying the techniques that you show?

Yeah, in fact I get a lot of feedback. I even meet parents who tell me it’s a great learning experience for their children. They even encourage them to watch M.A.D and say that this is one channel they feel is safe for children’s viewing. Mostly kids like to experiment and use the techniques to make school projects with some of the things we create.

Does being fond of children help your work?

I think its because I had loads of cousins around me when I was growing up, I would perform tricks and play around. I think children are very honest, and even though it’s a little challenging, but if you satisfy them, you feel satisfied.

You’ve been a constant on the show for the last four years, but your co-hosts keep changing. Why?

We always try out new people, who could add a lot to the show.

What has been your best creation on the show?

Well there are so many. I’ll say, there was a submarine I had made once out of a used plastic bottle. A lot of children wrote back saying they found it really nice. I think it was because usually people dispose of soft-drink bottles or paint some flowers on them, but I keep talking about recycling and reusing.

Any message you want children to take back from the show?

Well I use a lot of material that can be found around the house. I like to encourage children not to litter or pollute. I always try making things out of waste material.

M.A.D. airs every Sunday at 9am on POGO channel.