The six-month-old integrated yoga studio136.1, named after the frequency of the sound Om, has opened its second branch in Alwarpet, Chennai. Like the first studio located on Nungambakkam High Road, this new 4,000 sq. ft space will offer over 200 hours of classes a week. The studio has on its menu a variety of schools of yoga, including Mysore Ashtanga, Satyananda yoga and Sivananda yoga. “Different people are looking for different things, so depending on their body type, age and inclination, we guide them on the kind of yoga they should pursue," says Yashwant Saran, managing director of the studio. For busy, stressed professionals, the studio suggests Yoga Nidra (a half-hour session every day), a unique deep-sleep-relaxation technique developed by the Bihar School of Yoga. In addition to the traditional disciplines, the studio also offers new-age interpretations such as power yoga, pre-natal and post-natal yoga, and a yoga module for children. “We have 14 full-time teachers from various disciplines and eight part-time teachers," says Saran, adding that members who tire of one discipline can walk into the class of another discipline for a trial and rid their body of the monotony of the same workout.

Merry mix: 136.1 offers many forms of yoga, including training in Yoga Nidra for stressed individuals.

Yoga for body sculpting and weight loss, and other special therapy packages that have to be custom-made, differ in price from the regular membership and vary according to the requirement of the person.

A quarterly membership comes for 9,000 and a half-yearly membership for 12,000. For details,