Computing is about to get a lot more real. In the next stage of PC evolution, new processors and other equipment promise to take graphics and visuals to new levels while extending the use of computers to new areas. First off the block is AMD, which last week introduced what it calls the world’s fastest graphics card. By combining two graphics processors on a single chipset, the ATI Radeon card can handle 2.5 trillion calculations per second. An earlier version of the card, released less than three months back, broke the 1 trillion calculations per second—or teraflops—barrier. NYT

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Admit it! All of us have a few files or folders that need to be kept away from prying eyes. Yet, for most of us, the very speech and syntax of information security and data encryption can be as confusing as 256-bit AES encryption. Now try EncryptOnClick (‘’). It is a new, free and simple utility that takes care of all your tasks. Using an uncomplicated interface and password protection, it encrypts and compresses single or several files in a folder and can be used on USB drives as well. The files can be opened using third-party programmes such as WinZip 9. Incidentally, EncryptOnClick uses 256-bit AES encryption to lock your secrets. (Ashish Bhatia)


Wish List

Smartphones today come loaded with features. Yet, in this race for fancy frills, manufacturers have not paid enough attention to some basic features and functions. We wish our phones had...

Improved battery life: Can we have a phone that needs to be charged only once a week?

Built-in FM antenna: Can we have headsets that don’t need a trail of tangled wires to tune in to the radio?

Contact list/address book portability: Ever tried moving your address book from from one manufacturer’s handset to another’s? It is a nightmare. (Ashish Bhatia)