News you can use | Pic of the lot, for your cats and dogs

News you can use | Pic of the lot, for your cats and dogs

After automatic detection of people, smiles, even blinks, the digital camera was forced to go cross-species for its next technological triumph. Enter Fujifilm’s new FinePix F80EXR. The camera not only has the face detection function, it also knows when your feline or canine arrives in the frame.

The technology works very much like the smile-detection feature of several other cameras, optimizing the camera settings as the pet arrives in the picture. Its auto-release function allows you to automatically snap a photo just when the pet is looking directly into the lens. The camera can recognize 47 dog breeds and 20 cat breeds.

This is not all the 12MP F80EXR is about, though. It also boasts 10x optical zoom, a high-resolution 3-inch LCD screen, HD video capture, Super Intelligent Flash (for optimal brightness and timing to avoid washouts even in macro shots), Pro-Focus mode (it mimics a DSLR’s ability to shoot a sharp image of the subject against a soft background, by effectively stitching together several exposures) and a Pro Low-light mode that reduces visual “noise" in dim light.

The F80EXR costs Rs17,999, and is available in two colours—pink and black.