Is it terribly 1980s to wear stockings? What about colours? Are covered toes peeping through open shoes okay?

Stockings started out as being a functional accessory, to protect people living in cold climates. Of course, they still serve that purpose in most parts of the world, but stockings have also become a very popular way of accessorizing. Because of the Indian climate, it’s difficult to wear full stockings, except in winters. That said, please avoid meshed or fishnet stockings, even though they are more suited to Indian weather.

Art: Fatema Ratnamwala

I think stockings look great when young people wear them for a not-too-formal night out. They can be teamed with a short or knee-length dress, or worn under a short skirt for a dressed-up, layered look. It’s definitely fun, young clothing. It is elegant sometimes to wear a pair with a pattern or design on it, but make sure it’s simple. And only the brave or pre-teens wear colours. For the rest, dark colours are the best.

Showing covered toes through peep-toe shoes or sandals is a complete no-no. That’s only cute on school kids.

What kind of clothing is appropriate for the gym? Please keep in mind large-sized people. Are there some options for women who only wear Indian clothing?

There are plenty of new and improved options in the market when it comes to gymwear. Leading sportswear brands have introduced new materials and technologically advanced fabrics, which look great. Despite that, comfort is important, so while buying gymwear, natural fabrics are best.

The simple cotton jersey track pant is the most versatile garment that can be worn in the gym. They also work very well for overweight people and those who are used to Indian clothes. Pick a pair which doesn’t cling, team it with a long T-shirt and you will be in your comfort zone while working out. Going to a gym can be quite a democratizing experience in a way. Everyone is dressed the same.

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