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A highly customizable Windows interface enhancement that reinvents your PC experience

If you’ve ever wished you could get system information without having to click on a dozen different settings, or if you just want to customize the way your desktop looks, you need Rainmeter. It is a desktop customization suite which lets you make big changes to the user interface.

Rainmeter supports third-party “skins", essentially widgets, that add features such as displaying your Gmail Inbox or Facebook Wall, aside from the standard feature that shows hardware usage, such as CPU and RAM load. You can write your own skins, but a huge number are available on the Rainmeter website already. Version 2.4 beta, which released on Monday, adds support for new types of skins and better scripts for skins.

All the skins are completely customizable, so you can set up the computer to your taste. Rainmeter and the various themes, layouts, skins and suites are all free to download— and they don’t slow system performance either.Download at: