Cooking with Lounge | A perfect breakfast

Cooking with Lounge | A perfect breakfast


3 whole eggs

1tspn truffles (you can also substitute truffles with since the former are expensive and difficult to source)

1tbsp toned milk

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1tbsp butter

1 regular croissant (pick it up from any bakery)


1 Cherry tomato (cut into half)

1tsp truffle oil (optional, for flavouring)

1tsp regular olive oil

Break three eggs in a bowl, add milk and whip them nicely. Heat a non-stick pan moderately and add some olive oil. Pour the blend, stir and cook slowly. Add one tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon chopped truffles once the eggs have coagulated. Put in a plate with a warm croissant. Pour some truffle oil and garnish with parsley and cherry tomatoes.