The weekend at the movies

The weekend at the movies

With the much-awaited sequel to Oliver stone’s 1987 drama, Wall Street, hitting the theatres this weekend, both the cineaste and the casual moviegoer are in for a ball.

Here goes our list of movies to watch out for this weekend!

Theatrical Picks

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

The return of Gordon Gekko! Taking a cue from the economic meltdown that sunk the world into a recession, director Oliver Stone picks up where he left off in 1987 and throws a young Wall Street trader, palyed by Shia LeBouef into the cauldron. Gekko and the newbie join forces to try and bypass the economic pandemonium and discover the killer of the trader’s mentor. Michael Douglas reprises his Oscar winning effort as Gekko. Don’t miss it!


This action thriller follows a group of hard-boiled robbers, veterans of several heists, as they plan to strike an armored car and land their hands on $ 20 million. But, a police officer will do just about anything to hijack their plan and put them behind bars.

Screening Picks

1400 hrs My Brother is an Only Child

Italian Cultural Centre

25th September

Daniele Luchetti directs this film adapted from an Antoni Pennacchi novel

Sweeping across 15 years in the lives of two brothers who hold differing political stances yet fall helplessly in love with the same woman, hurling their lives into disorder.

1830 hrs The Place Without Limits

India Habitat Centre

24th September

Rich cinematography and the quintessentially Ripsteinian melodrama add volumes to this drama about homophobia in Latin American society. The film is centred around an old whorehouse and the differing attitudes regarding its sale harboured by the owners: a transvestite father and his daughter.

1000 hrs The Gold Rush

Satsangi Kiran Memorial School, Chhatarpur

25th September

This Chaplin classic doesn’t really need an introduction, having stuck itself almost adamantly into the moviegoers’ memory with that famous sequence where Chaplin devours a shoe or the hilariously poignant climax drenched in authentic pathos.

TV Picks

25th September

1230 hrs Dead Ringers

World Movies

Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons stars in this typical David Cronenberg psychological thriller in a double role. The story centers around twin gynecologists who exploit their likeness multiple times. All’s well until they fall for the same woman.

2030 hrsOffside

World Movies

One of the masters of contemporary Iranian cinema, Jafar Panahi directs this tale of the struggle of a group of women to watch a crucial world cup soccer qualifying match for their country.

1600 hrs Wake Up Sid

UTV Movies

When an ambitious woman new to Mumbai enters his life, the easygoing and doted-upon Sid’s life takes a change for the better in this film about finding one’s true self and growing up.

26th September

1300 hrs Three Monkeys


The chronicles of a family trying to eke out a living out of their home on the banks of the Bosporous. Turkish filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan depicts the travails of a house slowly imploding and lives crushed by money.

2030 hrs Kandahar

World Movies

Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s modern marvel chronicles the journey an Afghanistan-born woman undertakes to find and save her sister who’s turned fatalistic.

1345 hrs Dog Day Afternoon

World Movies

Sidney Lumet directed this Al Pacino starrer depicting an attempted bank robbery undertaken by a group of amateur robbers which soon snowballs into a media sensation.