Lounge podcast | Cricket, Twitter and Rocket Singh

Lounge podcast | Cricket, Twitter and Rocket Singh

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Lounge podcast. In this week’s show, we talk about cricket, twitter and a salesman called Rocket Singh.

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We start with India’s ascent to test cricket stardom. We have Arun Janardhan over the phone with us. Arun has recently joined Mint’s Mumbai bureau and writes on sports and other fun stuff. He’s going to illuminate us about India’s recent test cricket juggernaut.

Arun will also takes us through some of the best moments of Indian test cricket history.

Then we have Sidin Vadukut, Min’t internet and tech guru, and Krish Raghav, Mint’s internet and tech guru in the making, talk about writer Chetan Bhagat’s recent Twitter fiasco. For those who know what this was about, Sidin and Krish will regale you with their top picks of the tweets tagged with ‘#CHETANBLOCKS’ over the last few days.

For those who aren’t moved by the wonders of Twitter yet, listen on and learn how it can be a source of infinite joy in your lives.

We have, as always, our book critic Chandrahas Choudhury give his take on Rajmohan Gandhi’s new book, ‘A Tale of Two Revolts’.

And finally, Sanjukta Sharma reviews the movie many of us have been waiting for. The latest from the Yash Raj stable—Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year. Listen and find out if it’s worth seeing the gorgeous Ranbir all turbaned up.

That’s what we have for you this week. We love to hear from you so do write to us at