If you have been working for some time, chances are you are already moving up. There might be more people reporting to you, responsibilities would have increased, and the need to prove your capability in handling situations would be there too. Instead of crumbling under pressure, learn to delegate to meet timelines—you can take tips from Jay Sullivan’s book Simply Said: Communicating Better At Work And Beyond (Pan Macmillan India/Wiley; 350).

The first step in delegation requires that you know who is best suited for the job. Want it to be done quickly? Choose someone with experience. If there is no time constraint, delegate it to someone who needs to learn the skills.

According to Sullivan, you should tell the person how he/she will fit into the grand scheme of things in the organization, what his/her role is, and how the work will fit into the client’s overall business objective. Second, state exactly what you want done, and if you can help them with other resources. To reduce gaps in communication, ask them if they have worked on similar projects earlier. Third, explain what others are likely to do and how they will help him/her. Next, explain why you chose him/her for the task and how it will benefit them. Fifth, explain the steps required by describing the end goal and how you would want them to begin work. Make sure the deadlines are clear.

Finally, ask him/her to repeat whatever has been said so that you know they have understood their roles and responsibilities clearly. In other words, delegate the work right from the beginning.