They’re India’s first choice for backing music in college fashion shows. Three out of seven cars sending out shockwaves of pure bass at traffic signals are probably blasting their songs.

Less impressively, they’ve sold 25 million records worldwide and are pioneers of 1990s-style booming electronica. The lyrically sparse, shouty epic punk trio The Prodigy (responsible for Firestarter and Smack My Bitch Up) are coming to India in January, playing two shows in Bangalore and New Delhi (13 January and 15 January, respectively).

Electric: The Prodigy are big-beat pioneers.

It’s being organized by Motherswear, the festival’s division of artiste management firm Only Much Louder, in collaboration with the UK-based artiste events company UKNY Music. Invasion will also feature other international acts, as well as top acts from across the country. The festival will be a single-day event, and it comes a month after the planned three-day NH7 Weekender in Pune in December, which is also organized by Only Much Louder.

The ticket prices and details of other performers will be announced later this month. Go to Invasion Festival’s Facebook page, or the official website,, for details.


The Delhi walla

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The three guides cover “Hangouts" (which include routes for tranquil walks through Delhi’s quieter neighbourhoods), “Food+Drink" (which includes recipes sourced from long-time Delhi denizens) and “Monuments".

The photography, also by the author, is consistently excellent, and the text always interesting, even if some of the descriptions seem to end rather abruptly. It’s an unavoidable problem with the form—the blog seemed to allow for a much more languid and focused exploration, while the guidebooks need to rush through every possible sight and sound. Another sticking point is the price—Rs199 for each book in the set, which is a little steep for a modest 110-page volume.