Location: Bangalore

Designers: Khosla Associates, Bangalore

Area: 16,000 sq. ft

Cost of fit-out: Rs2 crore (approx.) in 2000

Sportswear manufacturer Nike wanted to integrate its Indian marketing and liaisons divisions that were at two separate locations. Its energetic brand positioning—the “swoosh" logo and “Just Do It" philosophy—were key to the design brief. Functional requirements included open workstations, informal and formal meeting rooms, product development lab, fabric library and recreation zone.

The design process

A selection of posters and materials and careful space planning allowed Nike’s brand identity to infuse the office design. Visuals of sporting heroes reinforce the Nike spirit. Meeting tables scattered among workstations facilitate interaction across divisions (photo No. 1). Conference rooms are fitted with product displays, both a functional requirement and a design feature (photo No. 3). Fan-shaped workstation clusters were designed to reflect Nike’s dynamism. The distinctive form of the workstations allowed privacy within the camaraderie of an open office, even as glass partitions suggested transparency.

Food is a universal connector. The cafeteria was strategically placed between the marketing and liaison divisions to increase communication between the two teams (photo No. 2).

Sandeep Khosla, founder of Khosla Associates, says: “We were keen to reflect Nike’s spontaneous attitude. The shape of the walls, dividers and workstations suggest action, visual flow and movement. We also wanted to reflect Nike as a transparent organization, and our focus was to provide a feeling of openness and light."


Designers: Khosla Associates, Bangalore

Area: 22,000 sq. ft

Cost of fit-out: Rs2.5 crore (approx.) in 2001

The brief

Designed at the height of the dotcom boom, the brief for’s office was simply—“Indian with an attitude", recalls Sandeep Khosla, founder of Khosla Associates. The much-hyped Internet portal aspired to capture the imagination of its young team with a zesty office. Slick interiors could not compensate for a flawed business model, however, and like many of its peers, the company succumbed to bankruptcy. Nonetheless, its office remains one of the most innovative in projecting a company’s spirit.

The design process

Architects Khosla Associates and graphic designer Tania Singh Khosla married graphics and an industrial aesthetic to create a visually sophisticated interior. Colour played an important role, even in its absence.

Images and text were both carefully shot and cleverly displayed. Vertical and horizontal planes were united by cylindrical air-conditioning ducts and round columns (photo No. 5). In an intelligent use of layering, the bindi on the curved glass partition at the reception appears to float—until you see it line up on the forehead of a smiling woman (photo No. 6).

“The idea was to capture the essence, attitude and content of, but in an unexpected and intelligent way that would make the viewer smile. We wanted the forms, materials, textures, colour palettes and graphics to be all united," says Sandeep.

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