The scorching sun and humidity in Mumbai can be harsh on the hair and skin, with dryness, skin blemishes and hair fall just some of the problems one faces. Spas in the city are now offering summer treatments to rejuvenate you and maintain skin and hair.

Summer Splash at Club Oasis

Grand Hyatt: Watermelons are not just cooling to eat but also refreshing for the skin. Summer Splash promises to refresh you with a two-and-a-half-hour treatment that begins with a foot ritual, followed by an exfoliating scrub and an aromatic massage, and ends with a rejuvenating head massage. A combination of watermelon, rice powder and banana, the scrub removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates and lightens age spots caused by excessive exposure to the sun. At Club Oasis, Santacruz East, Rs7,500 plus taxes.

Rudra Spa: Cool Soother Wrap, Fresh Fruit Moisturizer Wrap and Coconut Scrub are only a few of the summer treatments available at this spa. Treatments include fresh fruits such as cucumbers, oranges and bananas that are used along with aloe vera, milk and honey for their soothing and healing properties. At Rudra Spa, Kemps Corner, Rs1,500 onwards.

The Renaissance Spa

Myrah Spa: Refresh your skin with treatments that use the healing properties of plants and flowers. The Aloe Herbal Polish works for sunburn and de-tanning. The Hibiscus and Caviar Envelopment will help you achieve a uniform skin tone and the Royal Organic Facial tones refreshes skin. At Myrah Spa, Juhu, Rs1,500 onwards.

Renaissance Hotel: Cool yourself with Summer Secrets, a special promotion for May that includes the watermelon and cucumber body scrubs. You can also try the Aloe and Cucumber Soother, which is ideal for dry and sunburnt skin. The Summer Escape is a therapeutic massage that uses either a peppermint oil blend or pure rose essential oil. At Club Renaissance Spa, Powai, Rs1,500 onwards.

Placid Hairdressing And Skin: Get your suntan off with the special summer De-tan Facial that will rehydrate your skin and bring it back to its natural tone. The Aloe Vera Scalp Massage has a cooling effect on the scalp and is highly recommended during summer. It also prevents hair fall. At Placid Hairdressing And Skin, Khar, Rs1,500 onwards.