Why Prague? Even at the end of 105 minutes, Ashish R. Shukla’s psychological drama doesn’t quite have the answer.

Shukla’s debut feature is about an architect on the loose in the Czech Republic’s capital (hence the title), but apart from leaning against cool-looking stone structures and snogging a Caucasian woman, Chandan Roy Sanyal’s character, and the movie for that matter, don’t quite get under the skin of the city. Reykjavik or Ranchi would have worked just fine.

Sanyal’s guilt-ridden architect lurches from one relationship to the next while fleeing memories of a friend’s accidental death. He travels from Mumbai to Prague to work on a World War II memorial project (the first eyebrow-raising idea in a movie packed with implausible ideas), but the demons of his past catch up with him.

A still from ‘Prague’

The movie has a lot of atmospherics, especially in the nicely directed early bits, flashy camerawork, moody vistas of the European capital, sincere performances (the cast includes Arfi Lamba and Kumar Mayank), songs that don’t fit in, and old-fashioned sexism from a movie that claims to be different from Bollywood.

Prague released in theatres on Friday.