Lounge podcast | Lit fests, food history and golf balls

Lounge podcast | Lit fests, food history and golf balls

Hello there and welcome to the 11th edition of the Lounge podcast. It’s the second day of the Jaipur Literary Festival today and we’re going to speak with our colleague Sidin Vadukut who reports from ground zero.

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We also have Harsh Prasad joining us—a food impresario who researches different branches of Mughal cuisine. Prasad is one of the food historians featured in our cover story on these kitchen archaeologists in Lounge this week.

As always, we have our book critic Chandrahas Choudhary coming in with two selections for the week (maybe people read more when literary festivals are in progress?). He reviews two books by the British political history writer Timothy Garten Ash-- Civil Resistance and Power Politics: The Experience of Non-violent Action from Gandhi to the Present and another book with a similar theme called Facts are subversive.

Finally, for all you golf enthusiasts, Lounger Krish Raghav interviews George Fellows, the CEO of the hot global golfing brand Callaways that is now retailing in India.

That’s all from us this week at the Lounge podcast. We’ll be back next week.

Fest away, read away or tee away your weekend—whatever your style. But do enjoy your dinner!

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