Mumbai’s newest sandwich and salad delivery service is modelled along the lines of London’s Pret A Manger, a chain of sandwich, salad and baked goods shops which provides salvation (and fresh, healthy food) to busy office goers. Paninaro has an outlet in Malad, and will soon open outlets in Bandra, Fountain and Nariman Point.

The good stuff

The range of sandwiches is quite large and features plenty of fresh ingredients (though when we tried to order sandwiches with scamorza and avocado, we were told both were not available). Of all the sandwiches and salads we ordered, the arugula, romaine and iceberg lettuce, as well as vegetables, were crisp and of the best quality— they’re definitely not cutting any corners there. Deliveries are made in a refrigerated van.

Paninaro makes all their breads in-house. The wheat, ciabatta and multigrain were good, but the texture of the rye bread was stretchy and quite a bit like white bread.

Paninaro uses its own bread for sandwiches.

Another success was the Tuna Twist. Pre-made tuna sandwiches, without exception, contain a stomach-churning quantity of mayonnaise, destroying the taste of the fish. Here, we had no such problems. The Smoked Chicken and Bacon had a lovely smoky flavour, but little bits of overcooked bacon kept falling out of the sandwich. As for the salads, the Chef’s Pasta Salad with Mixed Meat had crisp lettuce and an intensely tangy dressing (which came separately). It could have used a bit more pasta and meat (which was bits of chicken salami and sausage).

The two dips we ordered—Cream Cheese and Spiced Dip with Spiced Crisp Pita, and Dill and Garlic Dip with Sesame Cheese Sticks were both good. The spongy pita was just right, though the dip could have used a bit more cheese.

If Paninaro decides to beef up its delivery process and makes slight adjustments to some offerings, it will be a success with those who want a light meal option.

The not-so-good

One of the sandwiches we had with ciabatta—Roast Beef Caesar—was not a success. The filling was not plentiful and was overwhelmed by the thick pieces of bread. We weren’t too happy with the egg sandwich either. Egg sandwiches are most often failure-proof, but unfortunately this one was drowned in mayo. The mango cheesecake resembled a light mousse more than a cheesecake.

As of now if you’re in Bhandup, Powai, Mulund or Ghatkopar, orders can be placed on the same day, but you have to order a day in advance for other locations. Depending on your location, you might need to place a minimum order of Rs1,000 or Rs2,000.

Talk plastic

Sandwiches cost Rs80-140, salads are in the same price range (for a large plastic container), dips are Rs50 each, desserts Rs36-60.

To place orders, call 022-61519999.

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