At 45 degrees, Delhi is turning into a furnace. But did you know that some 100-200 years ago, Delhi was a much cooler place, thanks to its natural air-conditioners.

These natural air-conditioners are the baolis of Delhi. “Baoli" refers to a man-made water tank, which was principally used to store water. But it wasn’t just about conservation; people would bathe, wash their clothes, or just generally hang around, in this water body of sculptured columns and lattice walls.

Delhi by Foot has organized, on 28 May, a heritage walk to four of the 15 baolis left in Delhi now.

On today’s show we have the organizers of this walk, Ramit Mitra and Asif Khan, who will tell us about the various aspects of these water-monuments, their architectural aesthetics, how were they used to conserve water and of course what makes them such giant air conditioners.

The heritage walk will start at 7 am from near Qutab Minar and will finish at 11.30 am. For more information log on to

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