1. Gender—Genesis—Genetics

(Group show of Indian contemporary women artists; mixed media)

Curators at Gallery Espace thought that the chain of words, Gender-Genesis-Genetics, aesthetically connotes the nuances of gender politics. And that’s what they titled the show that brings together seven Indian contemporary women artists: Benitha Perciyal, Gayatri Gamuz, Mona Kamal, Surekha, Vibha Galhotra, Parvathi Nayar and Tejal Shah.

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Renu Modi, curator, believes that the participating women do not take recourse to the stereotypical feminism or visual translations of academic feminist theories. Instead, they use their personal journeys and experiences as raw materials to celebrate their womanhood and critique gender disparities.

In her work, for instance, Mumbai-based artist Shah, uses one of her encounters in a mental asylum in Paris to develop photographic visuals, in which she acts out the roles of various patients.

The works are priced between Rs15,000 and Rs4 lakh.

When: 12 September-3 October

Where: Gallery Espace, 16 Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

2. Cultural Debris

(N.S. Harsha solo show; painting)

Mysore-based artist N.S. Harsha’s works are known for their socio-political engagements articulated using techniques of some Indian narrative traditions and popular art forms. This body of recent works was painted over two years.

Moving away from the everyday landscape that formed much of the setting for his earlier works, these paintings enter a metaphysical space and engage with issues of human existence and anxieties relating to a larger cosmic reality.

Price on request from the gallery.

When: Till 3 October

Where: Sakshi Gallery, Synergy Art Foundation Ltd, Nathalal Parekh Marg, Colaba, Mumbai

3. Spinning Secrets

(Manisha Parekh solo show; painting, collage, drawing, paper, fabric, gouache, graphite)

Under the Blue, 2009 by Manisha Parekh. Gouache on paper

Nature Morte gives us New Delhi artist Manisha Parekh’s fifth solo show with the gallery. Parekh is one of the few artists working in India today who continues to explore an exclusively abstract language. Here, she straddles painting, collage and drawing to create works that incorporate both the geometric and the organic.

New sculptural works will expand this vocabulary into three dimensions, exploring the qualities of man-made fabrics.

The artist’s newest work is a suite of graphite drawings. While taking off from her established language of biomorphic abstraction, she introduces references to both landscapes and astronomical diagrams.

The works are priced between Rs7.5 lakh and Rs20 lakh each.

When: Till 16 October

Where: Gallery Nature Morte, A-1, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi

4. Someday it all has to end

(Srinivasa Prasad solo show; bamboo and wire)

Someday it has to all end, 2009 by Srinivasa Prasad. Thorny bamboo and wire

Someday it all has to end is a range of sculpture installations constructed using bamboo sticks and thorns. It was built concurrently with the construction of artist Srinivasa Prasad’s new home. The artwork is a study of bird’s nests and the feeling of home and security that they provide.

Prasad created these installations over the last six months and will be working on the pieces during the exhibit. He plans on expanding one to human proportions so visitors to the gallery can actually crawl into the artwork.

When: Till 7 October

Where: Galleryske, The Presidency 82, St Marks Road, Bangalore

Price on request from the gallery.

5. The Monsoon Chapter 4

(Group show of contemporary painting on climate change)

Curated by Red Earth, Monsoon Chapter 4 seeks to bring Indian contemporary painting closer to motifs from nature. The exhibition encourages artists to engage with issues of climate change and the growing unpredictability of the monsoons.

The show brings an impressive line-up of artists together: Bibhu Patnaik, Biplab Muzibar Rahman, Gagan Singh, Manil Gupta, Nandan Ghiya, Pranay Lal, Pratul Dash, Rajendra Kapse, E.H Pushkin, Tanuja Rane, Viraj Naik, Debarchan Rout and Waswo X. Waswo.

The works are priced between Rs25,000 and Rs3.75 lakh.

When: Till 30 September

Where: Gallery Nvya, 101-103 Square One Designer Arcade, C2 District Centre, Saket, New Delhi