If you have been struggling to find a thoughtful gift for your friend or are looking to brighten up a dull office desk, a workshop on terrarium gardening may be just what you need. Terrariums, which can roughly be described as glass containers with plants and soil, are the newest trend in the décor space. Think of it as a mini-garden at your desk.

“What we will focus on is the closed terrarium, which is a self-watering system. This happens because just like in the natural environment, it also follows the evaporation and condensation steps," explains Nisergini Pednekar, founder of The Design Mela— which is organizing a terrarium workshop in Mumbai on Sunday. 

The workshop will teach the basics of this low-maintenance hobby, including the science and concept, the materials to be used, the types of plants suitable, assembly and aftercare. 

According to Pednekar, the attention you have to pay to details helps you de-stress. “Unlike, say, colouring or writing, this has the added advantage of watching something grow. In that way, you might find it more engaging," she adds. 

The Closed Terrarium workshop will be held on 8 July, 1-4pm, at Doolally Taproom, Kemps Corner, Mumbai. Fees, Rs1800, including materials.