Sony Pictures Animation’s live-action and animation sequel The Smurfs 2 to 2011’s The Smurfs, has 99 problems, but a Harpic Blue-coloured troll isn’t one of them. Toxicity levels are at an all time high in this insufferable plot about an impending Smurf-a-geddon with bleak references to Smurfy’s Law and Smurfs-holm Syndrome and mile-a-minute moral lessons.

Since the three-apples-tall aliens’ misadventures with the Winslows (Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick and Jayma Mays as Grace) in New York City, evil sorcerer Gargamel (Hank Azaria) has become the new Chris Angel Mindfreak. “Gargamania" has swept the globe and his cat, Azrael, too, is a semi-celebrity with a Grumpy Cat-like Facebook page.

Smurfette voiced by Katy Perry is surrounded by Gargamel’s naughty creations Vexy (left, Christina Ricci) and Hackus (Right, J. B. Smoove) in a candy store in Paris, France. Photo courtesy: Sony Animation Pictures

A whole bunch of 1990s-style slapstick sequences later, Smurfette begins to accept her kidnappers and supposed stepsiblings—the Naughties, Vexy (Christina Ricci) and Hackus (J. B. Smoove), also brought to life by Gargamel. A “never give up on family" and “you are what you choose to be" spiel leads to her rescue.

There are a few standout scenes—Hackus causing havoc at a pretty pastel-coloured candy store and Smurfette derailing the city’s giant Ferris wheel, Roue de Paris. But really, you could rather invest in a DVD set of the 1980s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, where the blue community survives and thrives as a happy cooperative with bold, yet innocent adventures.