Tamara Moss

Age: 22

Hometown: Mumbai. But she’s half-Dutch

Career highlights: Lakme and Kimaya ad campaigns, the Taj Spa and Kingfisher calendars.

Love history: I’ve been single for the last two years. Well, there have been flings, but nothing serious.

Model dates: (from left) Tamara Moss, Esha Gupta and Sonalli Sehgall follow different dating rules. Prabhat Shetty / Vogue

Would you date a shorter man? I have, many times. It’s not a problem at all — I like to tower over them!

What qualities do you look for in a man? He has to be able to hold a conversation with me, have an adventurous streak, and be able to argue with me. I love arguing, so we should have different opinions.

What are your dating rules? I just go with the flow. But I never date guys I’m not already friends with.

What are your style tips for a first date? Wear something comfortable that you don’t have to keep adjusting, like straps. It should be a little sexy so you can gauge what he’s interested in. I’d wear something backless so it’s not so in-your-face.

Your most romantic date. A surprise trip to Venice. He had booked a suite, at Hotel Danieli.

The most romantic date you’ve planned. I was at a shoot in the Andaman Islands and I decided to take a flight to Bangalore and land up outside his door. He said it was the most romantic thing anyone had done for him.

Views on marriage. I don’t see the point of it. Why do you need a legal document for such a precious relationship? People just use it as an excuse to bond themselves. They keep trying to force these monogamous relationships but they’re just fooling themselves.

Cheating. Comment. I think it’s the cheapest thing someone can possibly do. If you are getting all your emotional needs from one person, why would you go to somebody else? I would never take a cheater back.


Sonalli Sehgall

Age: 22

Hometown: Kolkata

Career highlights:

Femina Miss India International, lead role in the Agatha Christie play The Mousetrap, a range of TV ads, from Raymonds to ICICI.

Love history: I’ve had less than five boyfriends and have been single for quite some time now.

Does being a model make dating easier? Not necessarily. At the end of the day, you want to be with someone who wants to be with you, and not because of your looks.

What qualities do you look for in a man? He should be trustworthy, chivalrous, and must have a sense of humour.

Do you get first-date jitters? It’s like going on the ramp. I don’t pay attention to the jitters any more.

What are your style tips for a first date? I avoid jeans and stick to dresses. They can be day dresses or tight, sexy dresses, depending on where I’m going.

Your most romantic date. I bought myself flowers and candles — no one has surpassed me on this yet.

Your dream date. My dream date would be at Sanya beach in China. It’s so beautiful.

Views on marriage. It’s a good institution but only if you are ready for it.


Esha Gupta

Age: 24

Hometown: New Delhi

Career highlights: Fair and Lovely and Titan ad campaigns, the Kingfisher Calendar 2010, walking the ramp for Manish Arora and Couture Week.

Love history: I’ve been in one serious relationship, and have been single since. But I haven’t stopped kissing frogs!

Would you date a male model? Next question, please! No offence to my friends, but when I go home to my man, I want him to look at me, stroke my hair and tell me I’m beautiful. Not to do the same to himself in the mirror.

What qualities do you look for in a man? Brains. He should be able to stimulate my mind and make me go “grrr". He should be spontaneous because I get bored very easily, and he should be a bloody good kisser.

What are your dating rules? I prefer taking care of the cheque because I don’t want to give a guy the chance to say he took me out and dumped me — it’s such a male ego booster. I’d hate to give him the satisfaction if things didn’t work out.

What are your style tips for a first date? I prefer a sophisticated, tight dress to show off those curves. Men are pretty visual, so stay away from something deep or short. Leave the rest to their imagination, at least for the next two dates!

Your most romantic date. A surprise getaway from the city on my birthday. He flew in all the way from America. I’ll always cherish the memory because it felt like he had travelled the seven seas to see me.

The worst date you’ve been on. I was with a guy who just kept showing off. “My car, sorry I mean cars. My Gucci shoes. My Louis Vuitton belt." I just wanted him to shut up.

Your views on marriage. I think love marriages are beautiful. It’s a commitment to that one person you want to wake up next to each morning and see every night before you fall asleep — even if you’ve had an argument and are on two corners of the bed. He’s the one that thinks you are beautiful when you have a runny nose and messy hair.

— Rishna Shah/Vogue India

Column courtesy Vogue India