The adventure traveller’s wish list

The adventure traveller’s wish list

All this gadgetry, but where’s the power to run it in the wilderness? Well, there’s always the sun. Devices such as the 4-12V, 0-1A rated output Solio Classic Hybrid Charger offer you an internal 3.6V, 1600mAh Li-ion battery that stores energy for up to a year and recharges from sunlight (or a wall socket). One hour of sunlight gives you 15 minutes talktime or 40 minutes of MP3 music. The 156g charger is weather resistant, and comes with an adapter tip system cable, USB port replicator tip, mini-USB tip, Nokia/Samsung/LG tips, and a global travel charger.

Price: Rs5,100

The Brunton SolarPort, with its polycrystalline solar panel construction, provides an energy alternative for cellphones, GPS units, PDAs, and digicams via USB (5V 500mA). It can also link up to three units together. Offering 4.4 watts, it includes a BattJack AA/AAA battery charger and proffers 265mA at 12V and 530mA at 6V. It also comes with a 20-inch extendable power cable with an adapter plug.

Price: Rs9,500

Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook

Price: $5,700

Thuraya & Nera satellite phones

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

Price: £400

GPS devices

Myolite 3 Headlamp

Price: Rs3,100

Kestrel pocket weather tracker

For among other things, it can tell you your compass heading (true and magnetic); wind direction; crosswind; headwind/tailwind; altitude; pressure trend; barometric pressure; wet bulb temperature; relative humidity; dew point; density altitude; wind chill; air, water, and snow temperatures; current, average, and maximum air velocity.

It comes with a backlit display, can automatically store measurements, recall values, chart historical data, and upload data to a PC, etc. It runs on two AAA batteries and is completely waterproof.

Each Kestrel instrument is individually calibrated, tested and certified against the US National Institute of Standards and Testing (Nist) standards.

Price: Rs4,800-19,000

Nikon & Celestron binoculars

Nikon Sports Optics

Price: Rs4,000-10,000

Celestron Outland

Price: Rs5,000-11,000

Coghlans Outdoorsman Digital Compass

Price: Rs1,500

Products whose prices are given in rupees are available in India, from stores dealing in outdoor equipment, such as Wild Ventures (

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