Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Framed and morphed

Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Framed and morphed

Although better known as a painter, Rameshwar Broota was into photography while he was a painter. He earlier used the camera to document his paintings and art references, but now, he prefers digital photography to film photography as a medium of art because it allows him to be completely in control: “I can create an environment of my own choice and don’t have to factor in the limitations of film photography," he says. An exhibition of his digital prints are opening at the Capital on 8 December./Content/Videos/2007-12-06/SS051207.flv3b6583f6-a29b-11dc-96c8-000b5dabf636.flv

Broota, the head of the department of art at the Triveni Kala Sangam, who teaches and paints during the day and saves his nights for his digital prints, believes that the most important aspect of a picture—be it a painting or a photograph—is to be able to tell a story.

He says he ensures his prints and photographs are not the standard “pretty pictures"; they are usually large and exaggerated so that each texture of a work is magnified. “I like seeing the hair on the body or the grain on the skin," he says.

Rameshwar Broota’s prints cost between Rs3 and Rs10 lakh depending on the size and number of prints.

At Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, from 8 to 18 December, 11am to 7pm (Sundays closed).