And the award goes to...

And the award goes to...

Annual architectural awards vary in their ambition, scope, selection procedures and the dissemination of results. The ‘a+d and Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards’ (organized by ‘Architecture+Design’, an important professional magazine and supported by a division of Spectrum Paints) and J.K. Cement ’s ‘Architect of the Year Awards’ (AYA) initially had country-wide scope but now extend to the South-Asian region. In these award cycles, there’s a different category for each kind of building type (residential, commercial, hospitality). This highlights a significant limitation of the awards, which is the small number of entries. There are also other possible implications. One, that there are not more than 200 or 300 buildings being built annually which their architects think worthy of submission (which is difficult to believe). Two, that there is a limited number of architects who keep applying for awards (which is more believable, but probably not strictly true). The fact that three admittedly skilled architects have won at least two different awards for the same project in the last award cycles should suggest that these possibilities be examined more carefully. The “lifetime achievement award" is given either by a process of nomination or through research by the award secretariat itself.

The following are the main awardees in some of the last announced awards.

J.K. Cement’s Architect of the Year Awards

Architect of the Year: Sanjay Mohe, for his Hindustan Unilever Research Centre (Phase 3), Bangalore

Commendation Awards: Private Residence: Rahul Gore, Mumbai, for the Splendour Country Farm House, Pune; Public Building: Sai Shankar Bharatan, Bangalore for the KAIC Ltd. International Flower Auction Complex, Bangalore; Excellence in use of Construction Material: Yatin Pandya, Ahmedabad for Manav Sadhna Activity Centre, Ahmedabad

Young Architects Award: Tushar V. for Mr Tyagi’s house, Bangalore

a+d and Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards 2006 (announced early in 2007, with the next announcement expected later this year)

The Golden Architect Award: Christopher Charles Benninger, Pune

The Habitat Award for Residence Design: Morphogenesis Architecture Studio, New Delhi, for Kumar Residence, New Delhi

The Institutional Architecture Award: P. N. Medappa, Bangalore, for hostels at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

The Recreational Architecture Award: Tushar Vasudevan, Bangalore, for Woodrose Club, Bangalore

The Innovative Interior Design Award: Lotus Design Services, New Delhi, for Rivet Boutique Store, Bangalore

The Young Enthused Architect Award: Vijay Narnapatti, Maya Praxis, Bangalore, for House Triangle, Tamil Nadu; Two-Part House, Tamil Nadu

Indian Institute of Architects Awards

Residential: Rahul Gore, Mumbai

Public: Shakuntala Ghosh, Kolkata

Interior Design: Rahul Gore, Mumbai

Landscape Design: Rahul Gore, Mumbai

Inside Outside Designer of the Year Award

Eco-friendly architecture: Jointly won by Eugene Pandala, Kollam for Owiyam; and Yatin Pandya, for Manav Sadhana Activity Centre, Ahmedabad.