Get up and go

Get up and go

We all know the best part of the day is the early morning, when our energy levels are up. Everything is fresh and there is a new energy in the air. It is also the most productive time of the day. As the day goes on our energies get depleted and we start to feel tired and sluggish.

Energizing yourself with the sun’s energy is a great way to start the day. This can be done as soon as you wake up or at your work desk before you start your day.

Fill your body with prana (breath), with the thought that you are energizing your heart and mind with the brilliance of the sun, with good posture and good breathing.

How to do it

Before you start, sit on a straight-back chair and become aware of your posture. Sit firmly on your buttocks. Make sure they are grounded. Your navel should be slightly tucked in, with pelvis tilted forward. The shoulders should be relaxed, moving down and away from the ears. The heart is lifted. Your neck is tall and your head should sit directly over the neck.

Step 1

Sit still and start to become aware of your breath. Slowly start to deepen your breath and draw the breath from your navel to the throat when you inhale and back down from the throat to the navel when you exhale. Feel your chest and heart area expand on the inhalation.

Count: Take five deep breaths.

Step 2

While inhaling, slowly bring your hands up over your head and look up at your hands. Bring your hands down while exhaling. Let the movement follow the breath.

Count: Do this three times. 

Step 3

Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet planted flat on the ground. Place your arms beside you, and slowly start to bend backwards, lifting your chest towards the sky. Inhale as you bend backwards and release your breath, drop your head and look at your navel. These should be fluid movements.

Count: Do this three times.

Step 4

After this, just sit again for a few moments, become aware of your breath and posture.

These few subtle movements will make you aware of your posture, which is very important to direct energy correctly through your body and to prevent repeated strains to the muscles, as they need to be equally balanced.

Maya Rao is a Mumbai-based authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher who conducts private classes.

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