Community kitchens

Community kitchens

Bohri cuisine | Take it with apinch of salt

Lasagna and dining tables are fast replacing traditional Bohri ‘thaals’, and the lavish meals that accompany them (read more)

Kayastha cuisine | Banquet meal

Given to dining at emperors’ tables, these men (and women) of letters take pride in eating well (read more)

Bunt cuisine | Flaming hot

A cuisine that uses coconuts to sweeten a dish and Byadgi chillies to give it a bright-red colour, all at once (read more)

Khasi/Jaintia Cuisine | It’s all about the flavours

This no-spice cuisine relies on the quality of the meats to enhance the taste of its dishes (read more)

Sindhi cuisine | The movable feast

Sindhi food is distinct in flavour and ingredients from its more well-known north Indian counterparts (read more)

Anglo-Indian cuisine | Colonial cousins

A leftover from the Raj days that still brings joy to all (read more)

Bene Israeli cuisine | Konkan kosher

Bene Israeli cuisine innovates with local ingredients under kosher laws (read more)

Coorgi cuisine | Food that never boars

Dominantly non-vegetarian, with a taste for pork, Coorgi cuisine uses local produce and sometimes fruit to make it spicy and interesting (read more)