Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Salsa grooves

Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Salsa grooves

Parties, workshops and performances—this festival has it all. With 34 performances and 45 workshops, if dance gets you high, then you ought to be here.

The Annual Salsa India Festival is being hosted by Salsa India, an organization and teaching institute that promotes and popularizes the dance form, at Joss Restaurant and Rampart Row Banquets, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai this year. The festival, founded in 2001 by Kaytee Namgyal, known the world over for his unique idiom, ‘Karma Salsa’, is in its fourth year. Performers have been invited from countries such as the US, UK, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Singapore. /Content/Videos/2008-04-04/salsa.flvbb447b34-0170-11dd-a24a-000b5dabf613.flv

Salsa is a fusion of Western and African dance styles. It is a slot or spot dance, it does not require performers to move all over the dance floor and in a social setting taking up too much dance floor is considered bad etiquette.

This festival is not only for those interested in dancing but also for people who like watching. There will also be workshops in Mambo, Samba, Merengue, Reggaeton and Hip-Hop. The workshops will be followed by performances and parties.

If you are not in Mumbai this weekend or can’t attend the festival, here are a few tips from Neha Mongia, an instructor with Salsa India, on the basics of the dance. “The best part about Salsa is that it is an attractive dance and when you watch it you want to join it," says Mongia. Here are some general tips while dancing—always look at your partner’s face while dancing; unless you are doing a turn, never step on the heel first, always step on the ball of the foot; keep in mind that the faster the music, the smaller the steps.

Until 6 April. Passes for individual workshops are Rs1,200 per person. One-day workshop passes are Rs4,500 per person and three-day passes are Rs12,000 per person. The performances and parties that follow the workshops charge Rs900 each per person. Registrations are still open. For more information visit www.salsaindiafestival.com.