Café@Jiwa opens today.
Café@Jiwa opens today.

Lounge Preview | Café@Jiwa

The humble 'roti' wrap gets an upgrade with fillings like butter beans with feta and chargrilled fruits

Wrap and roll

Bandra is one of the few neighbourhoods in Mumbai where restaurateurs can dare to offer an all-organic menu and healthy eateries can easily charge up to 200 for a shot of multi-vitamin juice and 375 for a quinoa burger. The latest spot to sit back and watch chiselled gym bodies and loose-limbed yogis graze is a “roti concept" café by Jiwa, a brand that manufactures and retails 12 different varieties of multi-grain, health- and nutrition-focused wheat flour (atta).

Café@Jiwa has two-three dining tables and a Subway-style counter that rolls out wraps in fresh rotis made using the store’s in-house range of flours.

The café’s simple checklist menu, designed by food consultant Aditi Goel of, allows you to customize the roti base, greens, mains and sauces. Rotis can be made using rajgira, makka, jowari, soybean and even “slimming", “blood pressure care" and “diabetic care" atta. There are six fillings to choose from: Butter Beans and Feta, Delhi-style Tandoori Bhindi Aloo, Paneer Shazlik, Exotic Veggies cooked in a Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Tofu Marinated in Orange Juice and Paprika and Char Grilled Fruits, a mix of apple, pear, jackfruit and pineapple spiced with black pepper.

Condiments include the “sandwichwalla-style" green chutney, a chunky Mexican salsa, a tzatziki-style Greek yogurt dip, a Maharashtrian peanut chutney and an Asian paste made up of wasabi, raw papaya, coconut and lemon grass as well as hummus and pesto sauce. The chef also insists on adding freshly chopped greens or salad sprouts to the wrap. Round off the meal with a drink— there’s a lemon grass cooler and a mixed fruit smoothie—or pick a dessert—there’s a dark chocolate muesli lollipop or muesli with fresh fruit yogurt.

If your knowledge of atta doesn’t quite cut it, there’s no reason to remain uninitiated. The café offers a platter of three rotis, two mains and two sauces at 175. We sampled rotis made from the Slimming, Diabetic Care, Nutra Multigrain and Nutra Rajgira attas.

The rotis made from the multigrain flour (a mix of wholewheat, toasted oats, toasted wheatgerm, toasted soybean, sprouted ragi, sand-puffed Bengal gram and sea salt) were surprisingly not too different from the wholewheat ones we’re used to eating at home. We would also happily switch our everyday rotis for the Slimming roti, green in colour because of the dehydrated spinach in the wholewheat, toasted oats and toasted soybean flour mix.

The Nutra Rajgira rotis (the flour mix contains wholewheat, wheatgerm, amaranth and sea salt) were slightly chewy in texture and the Diabetic Care rotis were naturally bitter because of the fenugreek seeds in the flour mix made of wholewheat, dicoccum wheat, soybean, oats, flax seeds, Bengal gram and dehydrated cluster beans (guar).

Owner Raghav Gupta, a self-confessed gym buff whose family owns the Ravi Kamal Flour Mills in Khopoli, was prompted to launch his own brand of nutrition-focused wheat flour in order to introduce protein-rich rotis into his own diet. Last year, he partnered with a number of food technologists and nutritionists, including Haridas Rao, who holds a PhD in roti making from the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore, to launch the first set of products.

Gupta says the current line of flour mixes is made using Sehori Sharbati wholewheat. In the coming months, Jiwa will also introduce a range of ready-made flour mixes for regional specialities like theplas, biscuits, and pancakes as well as refrigerated ready-made rotis and kneaded dough.

Café@Jiwa will be open daily, 10.30am-9.30pm. Prabhat Kunj, Ground floor, next to Elbo Room, 24th Road, off Linking Road, Bandra (West). The attas are priced at 85-150 per kg. For details and a complete list of retailers, visit For home deliveries (only for the flour), call 9320299480.

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