Tech Reviews | Garmin nüvi 65LM vs Oppo Find 7

Garmin's new in-car GPS navigator and Oppo's flagship Android smartphone are impressive additions

Going the right way

GPS devices aren’t always considered “must-have" gadgets, because a smartphone does their job most of the time. However, prolonged use of GPS on a phone can affect the handset’s longevity. Last month, Garmin launched the nüvi 65LM in-car GPS navigator, an addition to its 2014 range of navigation devices.

Oppo, meanwhile, has launched its latest Android flagship smartphone here.

We test these two devices, to see how good they really are.

Garmin nüvi 65LM


Garmin’s navigation devices have always been well-built, and the 65LM is no different. The materials used are of good quality, and with no moving port covers, the entire package feels well put together. The windshield mount sticks well, and the device is securely fastened to the clip.

The 6-inch display is big enough to be used comfortably, and the touch response is fairly consistent. The user interface (UI) remains similar to previous-generation devices, but text size and fonts have been changed at certain places, which enhances usability. Secondly, at certain places within the UI, options and menus have been consolidated to make search easier.

As a navigation device, its address-search capabilities are impressive; it seems to be less complicated than most rivals. Home addresses, society and building names are listed together in one go. Points of interest, your favourites and search, are all available on one screen. Depending on the cloud cover, the device takes 40 seconds to 2 minutes to lock the GPS signal. Re-routing calculation happens quickly, in under 20 seconds. The maps aren’t 3D, like some of MapmyIndia’s Aura map-powered devices, but that is strictly a visual treat. Lane guidance notifies well in advance. By default, the Indian language lady’s navigation voice sounds more like a prison warden’s, ordering you around, rather than being a gentle guide. We prefer the pleasant-sounding Australian accent—“in 200m, take a slight left" sounds better than a stern voice telling you “in 200m, turn left, turn left". The nüvi 65LM’s battery lasts a good 60km on a single charge.

The nüvi 65LM is definitely worth considering. Plus, this will save your smartphone from the intense heat generated while using navigation apps.

Oppo Find 7


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