Personalize, plug and play

Personalize, plug and play


Cowon’s next flash-based portable media player (PMP) is the new J3.This portable player sports a sleek design, a 3.3-inch AMOLED touch screen and an internal speaker. At 7.6g, it’s light and comes in two colours—black and white.

The key feature of this player, like many other Cowon players, is that it can play lots of popular audio formats, such as MP3, and WMA, and even lossless formats such as FLAC. It plays most of the video formats other than MP4, 3GP and MKV. There are plenty of options to try and enhance audio quality.

The touch response is impressive and the player also has an accelerometer. TV-out, a neat little feature, is also available.

The audio quality of the earplugs is average. There is some bass, but nothing like the ones you find on decent in-ear phones. Highs too can be heard but there are certain frequency ranges it doesn’t play. In all, the sound quality is average.

The price of Rs9,750 is exorbitant for a 4GB player. For a little more, an Apple iPod Touch, for example, can let you browse the Web and use apps in addition to good audio and video playback performance.


The front panel is good, but the keys on the keypad are kind of cramped. It also has some extra features, such as changing keypad display colour, like Dell Aurora.

The Alienware M11x comes with an Intel Core 2 U7300 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 335M graphics card.

Performance is decent when it comes to application benchmarks. But the video-encoding test took 162 seconds to encode a 100MB file. Doom 3 scores aren’t very impressive either. In short, the performance is decent but nothing that will match a decent gaming desktop.

The display renders decent colours but the viewing angles aren’t great.

Unlike most Alienware gaming PCs and laptops, it’s not extremely expensive, but it’s not very cheap either. It’s a basic gaming laptop that doesn’t come with the over-the-top graphics performance that we’ve seen in the past from laptops with two graphics cards, especially from brands such as Alienware.

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