You can meet Prashant Miranda on the pages of a children’s book series called ‘The World Of Anahi And Vir’. The books are about oceans, skies, birds and animals. Miranda, an exquisite illustrator and watercolour artist, lifts the simple and rhythmic storytelling in the books with his art. The latest in the series, produced by the Bengaluru-based Little Latitude, ‘What Can You Do With Red, Yellow And Blue’, is just out. The new book coincides with a show of Miranda’s works inspired by the city of Mumbai, called ‘Bombay Gold’. A refulgent golden hue frames each of these works, some identifiably signature structures of the city, like The Asiatic Society building, and some, more engaging, are meditations on the nude form, nature and dwelling, offset by old buildings. These are quiet works, which nudge the viewer to think about the city as not just forever charging ahead, but also standing still, in old architecture and shaded nooks.

Bombay Gold is on till 30 June, 11am-7pm (Sundays closed), at Gallery Zinc, Level One, Lido Cinema, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai. The artworks are priced from 7,500 to 2 lakh.