Cook Out | Vegetarian chive dumplings and lobster money pouch

David Chan, the dim sum specialist at Lantern, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore demystifies the art of making dim sums with two steamed varieties

Vegetarian Chive Dumplings

Makes 5 pieces


20g carrot, grated

10g celery, finely chopped

20g water chestnut, finely chopped

10g lotus stem, finely chopped

20g chives, finally chopped

16 pomegranate seeds

100g wheat starch

40g potato starch

180g spring onion juice

N tsp sugar

N tsp salt

For dressing

1 tsp cooking oil

N tsp seasoning powder

K tsp white sauce


Lobster Money Pouch

50g prawn

50g lobster

N tsp salt

N tsp sugar

N tsp sesame oil

100g wheat starch

20g potato starch

250ml boiling water

Caviar and chives for garnishing


Clean the prawn and lobster, pat dry and make a mince. Mix the mince, sesame oil, salt and sugar. To prepare the dough, mix wheat starch and potato starch in a dry bowl. Add the boiling water and knead into a soft dough. Divide the dough into five portions, and roll out into a round shape. Stuff the rounded dough with lobster and prawn mixture and seal. Place the dumplings on a banana leaf in a bamboo steamer and steam for 5 minutes. Serve hot, garnished with caviar and chives.