Great moves: The Razer Imperator.

In terms of design, the Imperator 2012 is extremely ergonomic. We like the side grip on the mouse sporting an anti-slip rubber surface, unlike the previous Imperator that had a tacky plastic coating. You can also move the side buttons using a slider—a good feature, as it allows for different grip styles. Despite its chunky looks, the Imperator fits snugly in the palm of the hand.

The most interesting feature of the mouse is its dual sensor—optical and laser sensing. They blend together to offer the Imperator both an extremely high DPI limit, and also a very accurate lift-off and surface calibration system. In simpler terms, the mouse very accurately tracks movement, and the cursor freezes when you lift the mouse, allowing for easy movement. Bundled software lets you calibrate the options for the surface you use the mouse on, and you can program special functions for each of the Imperator’s seven buttons that can be saved as multiple profiles to be loaded depending on how you want to use the mouse.

While playing shooters and strategy games, the Imperator performed very responsively and did not skid. It’s slightly expensive, yes, but offers great performance for gamers. For a cheaper option, consider the Abyssus.


The Logitech Z623 is a THX-certified 2.1 speaker set. Built in all black, the satellite speakers along with the subwoofer reach up to 200 watts. Volume and bass are controlled using knobs on the right speaker, and the system has no remote, not even a wired one.

Loud and clear: The Z623 provides quality audio for desktop 2.1 space.

But movies and games sounded outstanding; every thump, growl, and rumble could be felt. The speakers can handle instrument density and layered tracks well too. The THX certification goes a long way towards ensuring quality components and “tweaking" for movies, yet the other half of the battle—your listening environment—is bound to produce unpredictable results when trying to replicate the theater experience. The speakers feel sturdy with their quality vibration-dampening feet, sturdy dials and decent body material.

This speaker set should be a perfect fit for those looking for quality audio in the desktop 2.1 space, especially if you’re more into games and movies. For pure audio, the MX6021 from Altec Lansing in the same price range could be a better option.

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