Lounge review | 21 Farenheit, Mumbai

Lounge review | 21 Farenheit, Mumbai

Ice bars overseas have become popular tourist attractions, but I couldn’t help wondering how many people in Mumbai would travel to Oshiwara in Andheri to try the country’s first ice lounge. Heading there, our biggest worry was that we would have to wear jackets and shoes provided by the lounge. Ick.

The good stuff

Everything inside—the walls, the seating, the tables and the bar have been fashioned out of ice. The management assured us that only a limited number of people (about 40) are allowed in the bar at a time and the clothes are washed after every use. So, bundled up in parka jackets, gloves and insulated shoes, we entered. At 820 sq. ft, the lounge pretty much ends as soon as it begins—we felt like we were in an icebox. The bar menu has been made interesting with Jell-O shots (vodka-infused jelly, fun and addictive) and Combo Shots (five different flavoured shots served together), priced at Rs750. The vodka cocktails we tried were delicious (go for Icy Blonde and Snap Frost). To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have any brand of vodka you want as long as it is Absolut, which happens to be the bar’s sponsor. Ice bars outside India do not serve food, but this one offers finger food on ice plates. We tried the prawns served with wasabi mayonnaise and the seekh kebabs, both of which were good, but were appreciated more for their warmth. There’s a separate bar outside for those who enjoy their drink at room temperature.

The not-so-good

Escaping the stifling Mumbai heat to spend time in sub-zero temperatures without an air ticket seems like a dream. But the novelty of the place (and the humour it provides) starts to wear off as soon as your nose begins to freeze and the loud music starts giving you a headache.

The bar will have to be maintained at a temperature of minus 6 degrees Celsius, 24x7. Wonder what Greenpeace has to say about that?

Talk plastic

Entry costs Rs750 and includes a complimentary cocktail/mocktail. The cocktails are priced at Rs350 and the food at Rs200 onwards, excluding taxes.

For reservations, call 022-26310021.