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Business News/ Mint-lounge / Features/  Gardening can boost self esteem

Gardening can boost self esteem

Mediterranean and low carbohydrate diet are more ineffective after a while and snoring can be an indication of joint related issues like gout studies and research tips for a healthier you

Spending 30 minutes a week in the garden can improve self-esteem and reduce feelings of anger and depression. Photo: iStockphotoPremium
Spending 30 minutes a week in the garden can improve self-esteem and reduce feelings of anger and depression. Photo: iStockphoto

Gardening is good for mental health

Spending 30 minutes a week in the garden can improve self-esteem and reduce feelings of anger and depression, suggests a British study. Researchers from University of Westminster and University of Essex examined 270 people from different background and income levels to find out the effect of gardening on people’s mental and physical state. The researcher found that people in the gardening group reported improvements in self esteem in a short period of time compared to people who did not. The study also found that less than half of gardeners were overweight while in the non-gardener group to nearly 70% were obese. The study was published in the Journal of Public Health. Read more here.

Mediterranean and low fat diets are ineffective after a time

Mediterranean diets or low carbohydrate diets are more effective than low-fat diets but not in the long term no form of diet is fruitful, shows research. Researchers examined 53 studies involving more than 68,000 people. They found that Mediterranean diet which includes green vegetables, fish, olive oil, fruits and nuts worked better than low-fat diets, but after a year no form of diet was effective. They noticed a sustained weight-loss for six months, but after that people stopped losing weight and in some cases they even regained it after they stopped following the diet. People on low-carbohydrate diets only lost 1kg more compared to those on low-fat diets. The research was published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal. Read more here.

Snoring can be a sign of joint related issues

Sleep apnea, characterised by snoring, can cause gout, warns study. The researchers studied A UK database of 10,000 people who were diagnosed with sleep apnea and compared it with another database of 40,000 people of similar sex, age, and body composition but no history of sleep apnea. They found that incidence of gout was two times more in the sleep apnea group than in the comparison group. Gout is a condition marked by recurrent swelling of joints and toe is caused by excessive depositition of uric acid in joints and tissues. Sleep apnea causes oxygen deprivation during the night when people stop breathing, which increases the amount of uric acid in the bloodstream. The study was published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatology. Read more here.

Nature of job linked to obesity

A study claims job profile plays a significant role in deciding the worker’s weight. Researchers from there Australians universities analysed at data from a previous study involving 450 middle-aged men and women who worked in a variety of different occupations. Participants’ height, weight and waist circumference was measured and interviews were conducted to collect information about their work. They found that those who were given more freedom to use their skills at work had lower body mass index (BMI) and smaller waist, whereas people who had to make a lot of decisions had higher BMI and larger waist. The study was published in journal Social Science & Medicine. Read more here.

Compiled by Abhijit Ahaskar

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Published: 30 Oct 2015, 02:01 PM IST
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